To inform and inspire

These resource are to help you better know St. Thomas as well as grow spiritually. 

  • Bulletins

  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory

    God, in His grace gives each member of the church community gifts to serve in ministry.  This inventory will assist you in determining your gifting so that you might be the best servant you can be with your brothers and sisters at St. Thomas.  Click here to take the spiritual test.  Choose the test that best fits you: adult or youth.  Then go to the bottom and enter as "guest".  This should take 5-10 minutes and results are immediate. 

  • What is the Gospel?

    Have you ever heard The Gospel?  Are you wondering what it really is?  What does it even mean?  Click on the "What is the Gospel?" picture for answers to your questions.  After watching the video, please contact us if you have any further questions.

  • How to Share the Gospel

    How do I share the Gospel?  How do I lay the groundwork?  What do I do?  If you feel as if you need help with how to reach others read this article written by the Billy Graham Association.  It will lay out easy steps for you and give you verses along with a prayer to share.  Don't be intimidated by the Great Commission. It doesn't have to be something you fear.  Let it be something you embrace.